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Keep Your Apartment Complex Appealing With a New Fence

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The appeal of apartment living is steadily on the rise. Given this peak in interest, more developers are setting their sights towards apartment complexes. This uptick in development is excellent for tenants but can be problematic for property owners like yourself.

You must keep your complex appealing to withstand the new competition. Learn how a focus on your property fencing can help boost your efforts in the right direction.

Install a Fence

If your community does not have a perimeter fence, now is the time to consider this addition. When a tenant decides where to stay, they consider two main elements - the unit and the complex overall. A tenant may love the layout of the property, but if the complex has shortcomings, they could decide to look elsewhere.

A fence around the property creates a design that keeps the community just as appealing as the amenities inside the individual units. A fence promotes privacy and gives the property a look of sophistication and exclusivity, which is appealing to some renters. 

Keep Security in Mind

Security should be an essential part of the overall design of a fence. The ideal fence design is one that keeps tenants secure inside and keeps out those who don't belong. To work towards this goal, create a layout with minimal entrances. If the property includes a gated entry, one or two additional openings around the fence that require a special key for entry is ideal.

You should also design the fence in a manner that makes climbing it hard. An ornamental design with sharp post tips or angled tops send anti-climb messages but are not as aggressive and unsightly as a barbwire design. You can further add to the security and style of the fence by installing light poles around the posts. 

Fence Inside the Lines

Solutions for an apartment complex should not stop at a perimeter fence. You should also fence inside the lines. Installing fencing throughout the property is an excellent way to increase safety and add to the overall appeal of the community.

Regarding safety, install fencing around any parks or pool areas on the property to keep children safer. As a result, you'll likely attract more families to your apartment complex.

In terms of the appeal of the community, no person wants to look out their window and see an overflowing garbage dumpster or maintenance closet.

A fence masks imperfections and keeps the property looking better overall. To add greater appeal, ensure the fence additions match the style of the perimeter fence.  

Keep Maintenance a Priority

Tenants are always on the move for one reason or another. However, to secure your profits, you must work hard to keep your tenant turnover rate at a safe level. A variety of factors cause a person to move out, but issues with maintenance are a leading reason.

In some instances, a lack of maintenance and a lack of care go hand in hand, as tenants may perceive maintenance neglect as a sign that you do not care about the overall condition of the property. Make it a point to maintain the fence properly.

The type of fence you have installed will determine your maintenance efforts. For example, a wood fence will need to be cleaned and sealed periodically, whereas a vinyl fence requires less maintenance. Not only will poor fence maintenance increase the chance of current tenants moving out, but this mistake may deter potential tenants. 

To experience the full realm of fence benefits, you must rely on a professional contractor. A professional can assist with everything from the selection of your fencing materials to maintenance. At Tri City Fence Co Inc, we are more than happy to fulfill this role for you. Contact us to learn about all our commercial fencing options.