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4 Ways to Add Privacy to Your Chain Link Fence

Chain Link Fence
Chain link fencing offers many benefits to both businesses and residential homes alike. One of the things that can make people shy away from chain link fencing is what they feel is a lack of privacy. If you want chain link as well as privacy, you do have options. Here are a few ways to add privacy to chain link fencing.

1. Use Plants

Using plants can help add privacy as well as a more natural look to your chain link fence. Also, you are not limited to any one type of plant. You can make use of trees, shrubs, vines, and any other growing thing. This represents a good solution for a smaller fence. For larger fencing installations, using plants can represent a project.
For a business, you may want to go with climbing vegetation. Climbing plants tend to grow fast on a chain link fence. If you want trees, look into a category of trees called privacy trees. Trees in this category grow fastest and fill in the spaces to give you full coverage.
Faux-plant options also exist. For example, evergreen fillers look like plants and can fill in the mesh of the chain link. You can thread these through the gate to give it a hedge-like look.

2. Use Privacy Screens

Privacy screens can add privacy to a chain link fence and add value to the fence as well. Privacy screens come in many flavors. They can consist of different materials and have various designs, including custom designs.
These screens can give your fence full coverage and look any way you want them to look. For example, if you like the plant idea, but don't want to deal with actual plants, then use a screen with a plant-like design.
For businesses, screens can work double duty. While giving you privacy, you can use them to market your business or products. Since you can have a screen printed with whatever you want, you can add a marketing message or contact information all passersby can see.
Also, privacy screens can serve to cover gaps or add height to a fence. For added value, you can choose screens made of materials that aid in deadening sound.

3. Use Panels and Slats

Panels and slats can cover a chain link fence horizontally, diagonally, or vertically. You can use them to add privacy as well as change the appearance of your chain link fence. Panels and slats can consist of wood, PVC, vinyl, composites, or other materials. 
For example, with slats, you can effectively give your chain link fence the look and feel of a picket fence. That change can add beauty to the fence without negating the benefits of the chain link installation. Much like privacy screens, you can customize panels and slats to your liking.

4. Use Multiple Solutions Together

You can make use of all the previously mentioned privacy options in conjunction. Depending on your needs, you may want one side of the fencing installation to look different from the other side.
If one side of the fence is facing the street, you can use plants and screens to add some beauty and an inviting look. If the other side of the fence faces woods, you can use slats and panels to raise the fence higher and keep people from attempting to climb it.
As long as you know you have choices, you will figure out what will work best for you. At Tri City Fence Co., we understand people often want privacy options, so we offer privacy and style choices with our chain link fences. Contact us today for a quote.